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KeK Store was established as a new branch of KeK Group Company the largest business community in Central Europe.

KeK Store is more than just a simple webstore. It represents manufacturers with clientele and customers and also emerging ones which are not known in Europe yet. With the help of our several years professional experience and outstanding experts your brand can conquer Europe and it can become well-known all over the world. Product quality is the most important factor for us, therefore we enter into contracts with only those manufacturers who have high-quality appliances with proper support (in terms of software and hardware) at their disposal.

Our aim is to sell the most recent products at minimized prices. By relying on the results of several market surveys and opinion polls we conducted, we are able to maximally satisfy the needs of European consumers. We are familiar with consumers’ behavior and expectations, so we know exactly what can be sold and at what price.

We are able to rule the European market and now we are asking you to join us. We are expecting the application of partners who are ready to join KeK Store dealership which is on the way to become the largest sales channel and also those who are ready to be part of a business model that is excellent even in the short term.

By using our modern sales and marketing channels, we can target those consumer groups who might be our potential consumers. This way sales effectiveness can be maximized. Currently, a team of eleven people is working on the preparation of sales. Furthermore, a team with more than forty qualified communications and IT experts is responsible for sales.

Our professional and experienced team is ready to make your product market leader.

"Feel the energy's deep inside your system"

For more information please contact the leadership directly:
Owner and CEO: David Scherer, david@kekstore.com
Sales and Marketing Manager: Kalman Ripka, kalman@kekstore.com

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